Oil and Water (Acoustic)

The acoustic version of Oil and Water is now out on all platforms including Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play and Spotify!

I wrote the demo version of Oil and Water a few years ago when I was working on ideas for my debut EP Maze. Like many songs, Oil and Water was inspired by a relationship that didn’t work out. I liked the analogy to describe two sides that fail to come together no matter how hard they try.


For the acoustic version, the arrangement is just voice and a simple electric piano part. I recorded it in my bedroom and it was mixed by Joe Labanowski – the producer for Bristol-based act BOA. Joe decided to keep the production minimal by adding subtle delay and reverb to the vocal and piano part.

For the music video, I found a space in London Bridge and worked with videographer Warren Forster. Warren and I wanted to create a simple video that would hopefully capture the atmospheric mood of the track.


For the artwork, I came across a perfect piece by Swedish artist Elisabeth Fredriksson. I contacted Elisabeth and she was happy for me to use her artwork for the release.

Lorne - Oil and Water (Acoustic)

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